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Benefits Of Attending College Education

Education is the only way to succeed in this life. Without education it is not easy to make it in this world. These include having a stable job, to have a broad and extensive view of the world, etc. Some people do not pursue higher education because they cannot afford it or they lack the push. Pursuing education is an easy task that when people are not inspired they do not have the drive to complete the journey.

Globally some people have paved through their dreams through education. Those people that are unable to complete their college education should draw these tips from various celebrities that have graduated. Natalie Portman is an actress and a film producer that studied in Harvard University with a bachelor of psychology. Her knowledge in psychology has helped her deal with different characters in her acting career. It has also helped her to emulate various characters when she is acting. This has enabled her to win academy awards for being the best actress.

Lupita Nyongo is a successful celebrity that has climbed the ladder through education. Lupita is an actor that won for an Oscar award. She won the trophy after completing the film of twelve years as a slave. Lupita is a graduate of Yale University. John Legend is also a famous musician. The musician is a graduate of Pellenslavyia university. He is also a philanthropist that fights equal education rights. He is fully aware of the essence of education in society and seeks for all people to be educated. This proves clearly that education can change peoples lives.

Emma Watson is also a celebrity that has enjoyed the fruits of education. She is an actor and an alumni of Brown University. Emma has pursued a bachelor of English and literature. The knowledge that she has gained in school has helped her through her acting career. Even after Emma Watson had made it in acting she still went back to complete her degree because she understood the importance of education. Canon Obrian is also a celebrity, a comedian a TV host and a producer. The comedian is an alumnus of Harvard University. He began his career when he was still in the university.

All the celebrities mentioned above are people that have succeeded well in education. Education is essential not only for people to earn a good job but to expand the mind. There are many people that take education wrongly and go to school only for employment purposes. Education expands the mind and makes people see things from a different perspective. As a result all people should have a good education no matter the situations that surround them. To get rid of poverty and poverty among people the first remedy is educating the society. If at all other people have made it, us too can do it.