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Streaming Adventures You Should Know.

I havent entered any new thing in my journal in the recent past. Things have gotten an interesting turn on Twitch and YouTube. I had chronicled the tough time I went through previously on my original entry. The budget for the equipment was not that small. I can never get used to talking to myself on Camera though. For some time, I was wondering whether to keep it going or stop. The fact that there was no return on investment didnt help. MTG is not a cheap game though. For just one 5-match league, you will have to part with 8 dollars. For me, the cost was even high. I was using a rental service for thirty-five dollars per month so that I didnt have to buy digital cards. This was draining financially. For some time, I had no plan of action even when I was convinced the track I was on was great. This is at a time when I did not have anyone else in my team but me. I was getting new ideas the moment I set up this site. Suddenly, I was all about the bigger picture.

The goal was to have a site for nerd culture. Even though a stream sounded like a great idea, I wasnt all about that because it is only the huge fans who would commit to watching a single game. This is how the idea to branch out to various games was born. However, this could not be done without securing a new computer. Given that I was creating niche websites before, the process of creating content for my new website was not all that new. However, I was crazy for more. I was focused on creating a bang like Gizmodo. The process required me to have video content on top of the written content. I need social channels for promoting this. It was too much work for just a single person but everything I had done before was leading to that point. Therefore, it wasnt that difficult for me to push ahead. I was able to set up the website and come up with proper strategies about the content. I started a Twitter account too and these are the things which held my attention.

I talked to Jon, one of my friends. I thought it would be a great idea to record podcasts related to the work I was doing on the website. Jon agreed to co-host the podcast with me. This is how I got help with the co-hosting process. At the beginners, I was doing this on YouTube.