Why Homeowners Rely on the Tub Connection For Clawfoot Bathtubs

The elegant clawfoot tubs that were once found primarily in stylish early 19th century homes are once again in demand. Some homeowners search auctions and garage sales for months to find original tubs that they refinish and have professionally installed. However, those who want convenience and a range of choices buy from suppliers like The Tub Connection. Bathtub specialists help clients choose the best models of new tubs for their needs. Clients can visit showrooms or order online and have items shipped to any location.

Professionals Explain Tub Pros and Cons

Shoppers who are considering clawfoot tubs often rely on suppliers to help them make informed choices. Professionals listen to clients’ ideas and ask them questions that guide their choices. For example, homeowners who live in a third-floor condominium need to be sure their unit’s flooring will support the weight of a traditional cast iron clawfoot tub. Some buildings may not allow them. Many customers are willing to alter homes to accommodate clawfoot tubs because they provide an elegant look, are easy to install, and can fit into many spaces.

Customers Choose From a Huge Inventory

Clients who want the greatest number of choices often buy from an established vanity and tub supplier. Providers carry tubs in a range of sizes, styles, and price ranges. They can provide models with elegant copper and scorched platinum finishes. Shoppers are offered acrylic models that mimic cast iron tubs but weigh far less. Suppliers offer a variety of hardware and plumbing packages to match or complement tubs.

Ordering Is Easy and Convenient

Shopping with tub suppliers is convenient. Local customers may visit a showroom, speak to sales staff, place their orders, and arrange for delivery. Clients anywhere in the world can also get help and order via a company website. Sales staff members answer their questions over the phone or by email. Professionals give installation advice and will arrange to have items shipped to any location customers choose.

Historic clawfoot tubs are popular again, and many homeowners order theirs from tub and vanity specialists. These suppliers carry a huge inventory of products and help clients make the best choices for their needs. They also make it easy for customers to order on the phone, in showrooms, or via the Internet.