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13 Facts You Need to Know and Appreciate About the Us Army

The mention of the United States military force comes with different feeling depending with who is listening. In case you have a relative or loved one in the military, it’s possible that you have a hint of what happens in the military and it must be affecting you in one way or another when someone reminds you of the US military. The group has many things related to them that may suck tears from your tears glands despite the good work they do. The history of the military is imperative when you are interested in understanding the military. Here are some of the important 13 that will give you the real situation of the US military.

The army was established before the United States was. The state succeed in its liberation in 1776 after using the army to fight the British for their liberation in 1775. The indicated that before the United States come to existence the army was already there.

Secondly, the army employees a lot of people. The US army is the second from the Walmart in the employment rate.

The army is one of the most non-eco-friendly operations. The corporation has a lot of operations to take care of which makes them spend much fuel on their daily business using the heavy machines hence becoming an eco-friendly corporation.

Before most of the US presidents become presidents they were members of the army. George Washington, W. H. Bush, and Theodore Roosevelt are some of the many US former presidents that passed through the US army.

The army is one of the owners of the big land in US. The US army has large pieces of land that if brought together would lead to 24000 square miles.

There are many military dogs in the US army. The number of dogs trained for the army services is almost 2500 with 700 dogs being involved daily.

There are trainers meant specifically to train the military dogs. There must be the team that is set to coach these dogs before they are taken to the military services.

Even women are in the US army. Here the women also are part of the US army with most of them taking care of the home fronts and a few being part of the war.

There is high cases of PTSD and other mental disorders. There is a high possibility of suffering from the mental health or PTSD during or after the services.

Many children find themselves without their parents. There are many soldiers that have died in the line of service leaving their kids with one or no parents at all.

The spouses that lost their loved ones have experienced much pain. Mostly women suffer from anxiety and depression when they have to bear with the kind of services their husband have to do.

Many suffer loss because of the war. There is high chances of loss and injury in times of war.

We can thank Washington for the army outfits. The army as not once planned to change their uniform but all in vain.