The Increasing Importance of Local SEO

Ever since Google released Penguin in 2014, local SEO has become increasingly important. Google loves small businesses and has always worked hard to have as many tools available as possible to help them run their businesses and succeed.

Why should you be optimizing your site and concerned about local SEO? One word. Mobile. Nearly half of all search engine users use them on their mobile devices (phones, tablets, iPads) and those searches are almost always location specific. If you want to reach them, you need to embrace local SEO. If you don’t, despite having a sizable national authority, you’re likely to be outranked by smaller companies because they are geographically closer to the user searching for what you offer. Need a little help understanding? offers local SEO services.

Local SEO also means your competition is reduced. There may be thousands of interior design firms across the country but in your area, only 2-3. That puts you on a much more even playing field, so compete for keyword families related to your product or service offerings on a more local scale rather than fighting it out nationally.

Naturally, local SEO brings with it a wealth of PR opportunities. Don’t pass by any chance to make a name for yourself in your local community. Even if most of your business is conducted online, there are plenty of locals who are looking for what you have to offer. Get involved in local charity and community events and make sure your website publishes valuable local content. Rich, original content that interests your community will draw traffic and increase your reputation.

If you already have a strong profile on all the social networking sites as well as Yelp and any site that may be relevant to your business such as TripAdvisor or Angie’s List, you’ve already got a great start toward good local SEO. Keep all your profiles updated, respond to posts and comments, and make sure your contact information is accurate and consistent across them all.

Local SEO is expected to continue to increase in importance as users demand more and more individualized search results. This makes targeting rather than casting a wide net and seeing what you can catch. Make the effort to nurture great local SEO and you will be rewarded with increased traffic and sales. Don’t just go with the flow, make some waves!

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