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Components of A Professional Employee ID Card

In modern day organizations, ID cards have become an essential feature of workplace and facility safety. In most organizations today, it is quite difficult to enter the workplace without an ID. Some key factors that make modern day organizations equip their employees with ID cards or at least contemplate doing so is to make it easy in identifying the people that either belong or don’t belong in the building, and also to streamline personnel processes. Professional employee ID badges can have quite a pivotal role in an organization successfully fulfilling its security plan. Therefore, creating appropriate cards is imperative to an organization achieving its security goals. In order to ensure the creation of perfect ID cards that meet organizational needs, organizations can take into consideration several features of ID cards. For instance, an organization may consider having an effective ID card design to ensure both functionality and attractiveness. The security features encompassed by the ID card may be just as important as the ID card’s design.

The first feature to consider is the logo of the organization. To add a visual security feature to the organization’s ID cards, it will be necessary to incorporate the organization’s logo. It is important to ensure that the design of the ID card is consistent with contemporary marketing stylesheet, which includes colors, font and logo, to effectively project a professional image while reinforcing the brand’s message. A corporate logo is not only highly recognizable by their employees, but also security personnel. To ensure your organization’s ID cards are protected from forgery, it is necessary to ensure your printer has HoloKote capabilities. By adding Holokote capabilities to your printer, it is possible to incorporate a holographic overlay of the company’s logo, which is visible when the ID is tilted at a specific angle. It will be quite difficult for fraudulent cards to be created if the company’s logo will be incorporated into the ID card’s design.

Having employee pictures incorporated in the IDs, is also an important component to be considered. Including a picture of the respective employee on the card’s front is a standard practice. By incorporating a photo on the ID card, it is made unique to the individual employee that bears it and is also easily visible. To ensure proper authenticity and security, identification documents such as passports, ID cards or driver’s licenses use photo identification. Government personnel examine both a card and its carrier for verification of identity documents. Similarly, the security and authority personnel in a workplace can use relatively similar verification process when verifying employee photo ID cards.

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