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Best Places to Visit in Missouri

Missouri has amazing places to see, things you can do and you can experiences. It has many attractions to visit, good places to eat and a lot of fun activities to discover. This state is always ideal for people who are already residents or even for families coming on vacation. Everybody should be able to try activities at Missouri. Below are places you can visit at Missouri.

One place to tour is the Springfield Missouri. it may take 3 hours to get to the Southwest of St. Louis at Springfield. It has many amazing things to learn and good activities to do. Example of places to visit is the River bluff and Fantastic caves, which will give you an experience of the caves. Another place to go is Wonders of Wildlife Museum. you will learn and get entertained by learning the animal kingdom and the different habitat. You may get more intimate and personal to small and big animal with the help of aquarium and wildlife adventure. You will be able to view the botanical gardens, and butterfly houses by touring Greene county Botanical center at Springfield. Air & Military, Railroad and car museum will give you an experience of things that will make your motor to keep on running.

Another good place to visit is the independence Missouri. it is mostly known for its rich history. Mormon historian makes this location famous. While at independence you can tour the museum, Harry S Truman Library and the Truman National Site. The 33rd United States Presidential library and resting place is at the beast museum. Through the white house decisions, information on historical decisions made by both the leaders and the president, the white house decision, is able to help student and tourists understand.

Another place to tour is the Kansas City, Missouri. This city is filled with history, science, music, and animals. Both ocean of fun and world of fun and sites you can tour. Entertainment and rides can be experienced at the amusement park alongside your family. You are able to meet the Peanuts gang for some summer fun, you can also get a fright at Halloween, get to ride the roller coasters and also attend the winter fest for Christmas lights. The zoo at Kansas city is an attraction to consider touring.You get up close view of 1300 animals which gives you a personal experience at the zoo. If you have a passion for baseball, the sound of jazz concerts and riverboats history the ww1, steamboat, just museum, and baseball is the place to visit.