How To Become An Agile Certified Practitioner

Agile certified practitioners manage projects in a variety of industries. The professionals have a work history as a project manager in their respective industry. By acquiring the additional certification, the project manager can advance in their career and qualify for top-earning positions. A local program provides ACP Certification for PMPs for any applicants who are interested in the courses.

Academic Education Requirements

The project management professional who wants to acquire an agile certification practitioner certification must present evidence of a secondary college degree. Typically, the degrees acquired could include project management or business administration. The project manager could acquire a master degree in either program to fulfill the secondary degree requirement.

What Work Experience is Needed?

The project manager must have at least 2,000 hours of experience in any general project for the previous five years. Their work history must explain which types of projects in which they participated. The project types could define which industry is the best option for the project manager. The project manager must provide clear evidence of their work experience.

What Type of Agile Project Experience is Needed?

In addition to the general project experience, the project manager must have at least 1,500 hours of agile project experience. They must obtain the experience within the previous three years before applying for the advanced certification program. Documentation for each project as well as what job duties the project manager performed must be presented to the program director. Their experience must be related to their current industry.

What Training Requirements Must be Met?

The training requires for the agile project certification includes twenty-one contact hours in agile project management. The project management learns how to apply agile practices and procedures to their everyday projects. The manager learns how to apply their training to guiding their workers through each new project.

Agile certified practitioners complete complex courses to improve their credibility in their current industry. The programs are available to project managers who want to qualify for more rewarding career aspirations. A local program provider requires the project managers to provide detailed information and complete an application. Project managers that are ready to take the next step file an application right now.