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What You Should Know About Printing Services
Whether you need a custom holiday card or a wedding invitation, a printing service can help. Depending on your budget, printing services offer many different options. They also offer custom photo books, wood prints, and a variety of other photo gifts. They also offer discounts and special offers. You can even create an account for free and start printing at your leisure.

When ordering prints, be sure to specify the type of paper that you would like them printed on. You can specify the paper weight, color, opacity, and other details. You should also specify whether you want a glossy or matte finish. It’s also a good idea to specify the size of the print. While many printers offer a wide range of paper sizes, it’s important to specify the type before placing your order.

Using an outsourced printing service is an excellent option for companies that do not have the time to maintain a print shop themselves. Keeping equipment, restocking, and other tasks in-house can take up employees’ time. By outsourcing your printing needs to a printing service, you can free up your employees’ time and reduce costs while still maintaining high quality print output.

While printing services are not technically a product, they are mapped to EFI products. The MicroPress and Fiery are two examples of products that offer printing services. Additionally, the MarketDirect StoreFront provides both standard and custom print services. For the latter, you’ll need to make a manual entry.

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