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Facebook Ads and Google Ads; Combining them to Work Together
According to research, an average American spend ample time every day on Facebook and probably on the google search engine. This is the main reason why many companies are now using Facebook and Google ads to advertise their product and services. Even though both methods are effective enough there are some major things that sets them apart. The following is everything you need to know about Facebook ads and google ads.
You have probably seen a number of Facebook ads popping up on your newsfeed. The most noticeable type of Facebook ads are usually in the form of a video or a photo with a content convincing you to take an action. There are also certain ads that normally appear at the right panel and are mobile friendly. On the other hand, google ads are popular methods of advertisement an a bit more effective. The mainly use specific keywords to link an ad to your establishment. The keywords need to be highly competitive for Google ads to be more effective.
A wide array of businesses and market sectors can largely benefit from using Facebook ads and google ads. Google ads will mainly help you drive more traffic to your website while Facebook ads can help you display much information about a product. Although both are ideal when it comes to brand exposure, you will need to use all of them for full ad campaign.
Both small and big businesses can benefit from Facebook and Google ads as long as they set a clear budget considering their financial situation. Facebook ads are charged considering the duration that the ads run ad this implies that you will pay more if they run for a longer time. However, there are some other factors which can have an impact on the pricing and they include outreach and visibility. With Google ads, you will be charged depending on how strong the keywords are and the number of clicks received on the ad.
One of the major aspects that makes Facebook ads an google ads to stand on their own is targeting. In google, you will be upon you to find the most suitable keyword to reach out to your audience. However, Facebook tends to have more alternatives for targeting. You have a lot of demographic areas to choose for and such may be gender, location and interest.
No matter the diversity between Facebook ads and Google ads, combining them can bring a significant change in your advertisement campaign. You only have to learn more about your targeted audience to be able to target your ads as well. Facebook ads will give you a better chance to sell your products and since the Google ads are short, you can use them to create a straight call to action.