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Places where you can Donate Clothes for Those in Need.

Do you have professional suits and dresses that are lying in your closet collecting dust? These are the kind you only wear to the interview and forget about them later, read along and learn more here.

Because of the need to professional suits and dresses, there is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1997 with the main agenda to collect professional clothes for women who need them.

These organizations main purpose is to help women who have low paying jobs, have been in abusive relationships, recovering from drug addiction or are incarcerated, learn more here.

When the woman is invited for a job interview she can contact the affiliate and they will allow her to come in and try the suits till she finds the perfect one she will wear for the job interview giving her a professional look and making her to feel confident.

You can participate actively in this noble act by donating your suits and the professional clothes that you hardly wear to the affiliates in your local, or you can arrange for a clothes walk in your area and give away the clothes, learn more here.

Just like Careers Success cater for women who are in dire need for professional attire so does the Career Success help men who are employed in low income job and cannot manage to buy new suits when they are trying to enter the workforce and also help them in mentor-ship programs and career development.

In the readiness program, men are prepared for the job interview and this makes them full equipped on how they will handle themselves professionally, again they participate in the interview program, learn more here.

The most visible and popular nonprofit organizations are Career Gear and Dress for Success clothing donation , however we have other charitable organizations that do similar tasks for the community like Alliance for Career Development for instance which is network for the charities.

When you know an organization is networked to Alliance for Career Development then you are sure that they are reputable, also you can help people in the community and look for the affiliated charities near you.

Now that you have an idea where you can donate your professional unused clothes, take the afternoon and purge your closet for those clothes and make a difference in someone life.

After you have cleaned the closet with clothes you hardly wear you will be able to shop for new clothes since you will have enough space to store them, learn more here.