Advantages of Google+

When most people think about social networks they think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Although it’s been around for a few years now, Google+ is still treated like the black sheep of the family by many, and unfairly so. Google+ actually offers a fantastic experience and in many ways is superior to Facebook. How so? Well for one thing Google + is just better looking. The interface is clean, crisp and makes excellent use of space. In comparison to Facebook’s tired old blue and white interface, Google+ makes a striking statement. Check out Erich Kaminsky’s Google+ to see for yourself.

Are you a photographer? If so, whether you’re an amateur or a pro, Google+ is where you need to be. There is simply no better platform for images anywhere. Facebook insists on compressing every image uploaded to it and they do an absolutely horrid job of it. They manage to make even the most exquisite photo look like it was taken by a 1MP cell phone camera. Google on the other hand doesn’t mess with your photos. It simply displays them in all their sharp, high definition glory. Google also has great photo editing tools and a really fun feature called Auto Awesome that does some truly amazing things.

Google+ is also great for those who are looking for great conversation. It’s not clogged with ads and game spam like Facebook. People on Google+ aren’t interested in that, or in sharing mindless memes. (and no auto-playing videos either!)They like to TALK. Creatives, geeks, and media lovers will find a great home on Google+. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you really should. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at all the rich content and conversation you’ll find. You may even wonder why you waited so long!



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